Column: A walkthrough guide of Part 5

A walkthrough guide of

Continued from the previous part, we would like to go on talking about the additional options of our products!
In addition to other basic icons such as categories and file formats, they are presented by individual icons to give you additional info about the products visually.
We hope that all of these icons clearly represent what they mean as they are supposed to do, but to avoid any misunderstanding we try to provide some explanations to each nonetheless.

Additional Options

Colors and shapes of the additional options vary, and attached to each product almost anywhere it is presented on our website.
In contrast with the category icons, option icons show the auxiliary features of a product, as the name suggests. They are independent components and not associated with categories or file formats.
Because of its nature, an option can be ignored; however for certain customers they may be very impotant criteria when selecting a product, the most common are trial version and language options. If you find any of the following element is important for you, please browse our website while narrowing your search conditions with it from Advanced Search :)

Family Icons Description
Additional features (contents) with Voice
with Music
w/ Anime
As we wrote in the previous part 4, but unlike the green icons, these icons in grey color only represent supplementary elements in regards to the contents of the products.
Do not miss them if you think these are essential elements for you :)
Additional features (extra) with Trial Version Trial version can be very important for a game product or a product in application format to check the compatiblity, especially if you are new to the world of doujin. In some cases, a file may not run at all in a certain environment. If a trial version is available, please take time to try it out!
User reviews (1) If user reviews are available for a product, it will be marked with the balloon icon followed by the total number of reviews in ( ). Although these are all personal opinion, comments written by the members of who have actually purchased the product can be very reliable. To express your appreciation you may vote for helpful reviews. staffs verify the contents of each review then publish it, but if you see a fraudulent or misleading contribution, we appreciate your reporting it through [ Report Abuse ] link.
For more details about user reviews, please refer to [ About User Reviews ].
Languages English Version
Chinese Version
The language options are marked only when the contents in the full version of the product is optimized for the speakers of that language. They are not marked if a product is only partially presented in these languages (e.g. a game in Japanese that comes with a manual in English).
For Smartphone
Only for smartphones
APK File
PDF File
APK stands for application package file and they are apps for Android phones only.
"PDF" icon in this purple color means that the product comes with in PDF format in addition to other image format such as JPEG and PNG, while the PDF File icon means that the main file is in PDF format.
Products presented with one of these icons are normally enjoyable on your smartphone as well. For more details about our smartphone service, please refer to [ About Service for Smartphone ].
Copy-controlled works Protected
Due to its security, copy-controlled works may require changes in settings to enjoy the product. If you cannot agree with it, you would be better off avoiding products with these icons, especially if you are a Mac user.
For more details about copy-controlled works, please refer to [ How to View Copy-Controlled Works ].
Grotesque Grotesque This mark means that staffs judged that the product may bring a feeling of physiological repulsion to many viewers. To be more precise, it may fall into one of the following two categories:
  • a product that depicts blood accompanied with laceration, amputation, etc. as the main feature
  • a product that depicts extreme body modification, limb deficiencies, coprophagy, worms, etc. as the main feature
Whether you like or dislike these contents, it should be a good guidance for you.
Homosexual Homosexual This mark means that the product is targeted mainly for male audience, and that it depicts romantic relationship between men.

Intended for female audience

For definition, please refer to [Guide Part1].
Boys' Love This "Boys' love" icon means that the product is targeted mainly for female audience, and that it depicts romantic relationship between men.
Otome Game This icon means that the product is targeted mainly for female audience, and that it depicts romantic relationship between the female character and one of several male (or female once in a while) characters.
Event Event This flag icon indicates that the product is (or is scheduled to be, if it's not yet held) released on the occasion of a doujin convention. Hover the mouse cursor over it to check the convention's name! At this moment, we have few selections such as for recent [ Comic Market ], but we plan to add more in the future!

We hope this column about additional options helps you to find the right work for you.
If you have questions or requests about this series, please don't hesitate to let us know through [ Opinion Box ] !

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