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A walkthrough guide of

This time, we would like to start talking about how to read the product information pages on! You can have a basic idea about this page on the [ How to Read Product Details ] page; however, we have to admit that that is not an across-the-board description of the information that they carry, especially for first-time users, and we thought it may be useful to add some more.
Please think of this as an additional guide and tips to the above formal page :)

Product Information Page

First of all, we would like to remind you that most of the information presented on this page are based on the submission from the circles. On whatever sale place of, we receive products' data from creators and we will review the contents prior to the purchase, and we may modify or add some details as necessary to make the presentation more accurate.
In addition to this, on the English section, we may edit its text part - sadly, mostly shortening it due to our limited capacity and resources - through the translation process, while making sure not to misrepresent any product.
Unless the circle prepares the English version of the product inclusively or separately, the full version will be in Japanese, or at least intended for Japanese-speaking audience.

While keeping that in mind, let us go into the details using a sample image of the product details page.

Product Details
# Name Description
1 Title Title of the product may be fully translated into English, and it also may be just a pronunciation of the original title in Japanese. As you may guess, this is the most difficult element of the translation process X(.
2 Images The circle can submit several images to present their products:
  • Main image: 0 to 1 image in 560(w) x 420(h) pixel.
  • Sample image: 0 to 3 images within 200KB in JPG format. The size itself is not determined.
  • Thumbnail image: 0 to 1 image in 100(w) x 100(h) pixel.
  • Mini image: 0 to 1 image in 50(w) x 50(h) pixel.
*If no image is submitted, they will be presented with our default "No image" cover: No image

While most of the products share the data with their counterparts in the Japanese section, circles can also upload images dedicated to the English site only.
3 Circle's website The circle's website, if there is one, could be a very useful source of information such as: further information about the product you are viewing, as well as its update (e.g. a patch for a game to fix bugs) and the circle's upcoming work. Although it is occasional, some circles have their site in English :)
4 Date The release date may be appointed by the circle, and if not, a product may take about from 7 to 10 days after their release on the Japanese section (Home / Maniax / Girl's Maniax) to appear on the English section.
The last modified date is noted when the circle changed the contents of the product such as its full version file and its price after the release. They will not be displayed in the case of minor changes such as correction of a spelling in the summary. You can see the list of revised products on the [ Upgrade Information ] page, which can be also reached from the left menu of the "Releases" page.
5 Age ratings This age specificaltion is based on DLsite's self-rating.
You can check more details on the [ Compliance Policy ] page.
6 Categories We offer more than 10 types for the general categorization of a product.
We hope to write more about them in the upcoming article!
7 File format We offer 9 types (+ extra) options for the file format: Application, HTML, Image, Movie, Audio, FLASH, PDF, TEXT, App file for Android (APK). If a product does not fall into any of these, "Other format" will display.
8 Options Options can carry various additional information of the product that does not fit into other place; for instance, "English" icon indicates that the product has the English version of the product, and "Trial version" icon indicates that it has a trial version that you may try.
We hope to add more about them in the upcoming article as well.
9 Genre To present a product, circles can select up to 6 keywords/tags from amongst more than 300 keywords that are available. If you are interested, you can check the full list of keywords by opening the menu of the Genre
in the [ Advanced Search ] page.
10 Notice on copy-control On the English section, we have three types of copy-control tools: User Authorization, Older Protection System, and Older Protection System for Movie.
This is very important notice in that the copy-control system has an affect on the compatible operating system. Also, it often requires you to install some special software and sometimes to change settings of your PC.
If a product that you took an interest has this notice, please read carefully the specifications of its copy-control system prior to the purchase.
11 Contents As we have no minimum and/or maximum length for the summary, the text can be in a few words or very lengthy according to the circles. On the other hand, we may edit it into a shorter version through the translation process by extracting the essential information.
12 Operational requirements Although this section tends to be overlooked because of its technical nature, it can carry very important information. Whatever OS you are using to browse, you need to read it carefully so that you can avoid getting disappointed to find that the product is not compatible with your computer after the purchase. *This type of information can be also noted in the Contents section.
13 Work number This is an identification number of individual product. On the English section, all product carries a number starting from RE.
If you are looking for a certain product that you saw on the Japanese section on the English section, think of using its work number as a reference.
For example, if you are looking for this product that has a following URL on the Japanese section:
you can tell that its work number is RJ000001. Then go to the English section and type RE000001 in the search box and the search result will show the same product if it is available.
This method of changing the first two letters of the work number from RJ to RE generally works for all the products on DLsite Home, Maniax, and Girl's Maniax.
If you do not see an item by this method, you can always send us a request through [ Opinion Box ] !
14 File / size Here, you can check the name and size of actual files that will be downloaded on your computer. It is useful when you check whether the product file has the right size after downloading.
You can tell if the English section has its original file or not by the file name. If the file name starts by RE, it means it is especially made for the English version.
However, please note that it doesn't always mean that the product file is partially or fully translated into English.
15 Price Although the price is listed in dollars and euros, it is for reference only, and charges you in JPY (Japanese yen).
If you use a credit card to shop with us, the currency conversion depends on the rate offered by your card issuer and we cannot tell the exact amount you will be charged on your end.
On the other hand, if you use PayPal, you may be able to choose to pay in your currency directly, based on the currency rate that they offer.
16 Points You can check the points you may earn by purchasing then rating this item. Normally, the points that will be granted are 3% of the product price. Still, you may find some products having other rate (e.g. on the occasion of a campaign).
17 Releases This section shows previous products released by the same circle. The maximum number is 15, and to see the circle's older releases beyond that, you need to click ">> See more...".
18 Series Grouping and naming of the series are also decided upon request by the circle. Please do not ask us why xxx is grouped and xxx is not in it. X(
If the product you are viewing is grouped as a series with more than one product, you can check other "Works in the Same Series" on the lower part of this product information page.

I'll be very glad if you find any part of this introduction useful!
In the next Part 4, we hope to deepen some information presented in this product information page.
If you have questions or requests about this series, please don't hesitate to let us know through [ Opinion Box ] !

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