Interview: Black Monkey (July 2012)

WET SummeR
This time our interview features the cricle Black Monkey whose works rejoice many female users of regardless of their nationality! We are aware, and the results of our recent survey proove it, that there are more and more female audience who has a taste for yaoi shops with us, and decided to address them for this interview. We are sure it will help you to appreciate more of their wonderful products^^ Please enjoy the reading!

Please introduce yourself to the users.

Hi, my name is Mazjojo. I'm the founder from BMP. Nice to meet you (^ ^)/

How long has your Circle being active?

we're still new here!(>///<), this circle was formed 10 month ago. Please guide us well^^;!

How did you name your Circle, "Black Monkey"?

Basically, we want to take something iconic and memorable. We choose animal as memorable icon. And among of all Animal, we decided to choose "Monkey". since monkey have the high potencial "gay" animal beside "lion", "penguin", and many more. All matters that related with monkey basically about erotic allusion, like "banana" or "tails". That's why monkey is the perfect Icon for us. about "Black" as for the color, it's because we are in dark path (>;]) where only few people are allowed to enter. And of course, only special person that can made it. In the end, we just bunch pervert people whom gather in one place... so we are Yaoi pervert circle.(>////<)

How did you take an interest in Yaoi genre first?

I love drawing Boys^^!, because they are so handsome and have nice body. I wanna have body like that but I have to face reality (I can't OTL). so I just have share it with drawing.

In the past, I was a hentai artist, I liked to draw girls, paired with boys, like a sweet romance Hentai^^. And as time goes on, my friends noticed and suggested me to move from hentai to yaoi. They said that I'm more suitable in Yaoi path than hentai.

Because of that, I got a lot of fans (girl of course). So I tried to change, and the result is awesome. Although a bit shy and scared (te-he).... at least after move to yaoi world I've got more appreciation from outside country than mine (^^);a

Is there any productions or creators you like or respect?

Plenteous!! SO many artists i admire out there especially japannese artists! I like Honyarara-sensei (drammatical murder), Nekotsuki Izumi-sensei!, menntaiko, Resfrio, Goma Saba, and many more. Their works are always makes me blushes and motivated me to draw yaoi more and more~~~~~!

Do you have any hobby you are into right now?

Beside drawing, I love to play games. Games always give me inspiration. My favorite games are RPG, platform and music.^_^

Please let us know about your country and its appealing points.

Indonesia is a country that is rich with culture, people in here are friendly, foods in here also delicious, so many interesting things that can be extracted. Even the people here are not necessarily aware of all cultures, because we have many. Most of them really appreciate other countries' culture, but it doesn't mean they do not love their own country. In the end, Indonesia is a rich country:)

What kind of impression do you have toward Japan?

Japan is my dream country. All dream about anime and manga are in there. Birthplace of my inspiration and imagination dan motivated me to continue to draw and took japan style. Japan also a beautiful country, and most of people that I ever talk to are very friendly. I really wanna go to Japan (>w<)/

How did you find about, and what motivated you to register your products with

I Don't really remember exactly how I found it. I think that time I tried to find one of sensei doujinshi at google. And I click DLsite (english) and I saw about the information about submitting works. That made me curious, so in the end here I am now ( ^ ^ ). I really want all my works can compete with Japanese artists (even I still nothing if you compare me with them). But I'll move foward so I can compete with them >

Would you like to take a work offer from Japan if there is an opportunity?

Of course I'd love too! It's been my dream to work together with Japan^^!

When you are working on your product, what type of things do you put your most thoughts into?

When we worked on projects. I was thinking how to make the work that pleases a lot of people. Especially fans (male and female). It's very rare to find the balance between these two. That's why we always try to satisfy both sides. Even though we still lack in many ways, we'll try our best because we love to work in here=)!

Please let us know about your upcoming product(s) or future plans.

We will still continue with CG Sets, manga, VN project. Superior products that will come out beside the new product are, MXM:Madperformance 2 and our best seller product, BROTHERLY LOVE 2!! Just wait for the presence of them in future^^, and we are also looking forward critics and suggestions from all of you^^!

Do you have any advice to those new creators who might be interested in producing works?

Stay motivated on your work!! and keep fun while do your work. Because in here, we all share and appreciate each other! =)

What message can you give to the users?

Thank you for already accepting us in here. We really happy because all our works are being appreciated a lot. We never expected that we would ever enter top 10 in here if not because of you guys. once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! (all hail DLsite!) ^_^/o

Thank you too!

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