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Exclusive Miki After School
$4.83 / 540 JPY | 50pt (10% back)
Since Izuki came to know that Miki sneakily crossdresses after school, Izuki has been in the same boat. One day these two are left alone in the school trip...
  • Release: Nov/12/2017
  • DL: 1
Exclusive The cute girl inviting you to the manga club may not necessarily be a girl at all!
$2.90 / 324 JPY | 30pt (10% back)
A romantic comedy about a quiet and cute girl(?) performing solicitation for the manga club.
  • Release: May/23/2017
  • DL: 1
Let's go on a date
$4.83 / 540 JPY | 50pt (10% back)
His first love is a crossdresser!? Things happen, "she" pretends to be his girlfriend.
DoujinshiMangaSpecial Viewer
  • Release: Dec/26/2016
  • DL: 0

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