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bon-nou adolescence
Kaleido Circus
$4.79 / 540JPY
A fully colored book with a slightly H manga (4 pages) when Cleveland is brought into the garage and an illustration collection of various girls, suitable for all ages.
PDF Included
  • Release: Mar/29/2018
Up to 2 Spoons of Milk
Kaleido Circus
$2.87 / 324JPY
The 2nd sister of the Sendai-class family is both her elder and her younger sister's possession. [Sendai x Jintsuu] & [Naka x Jintsuu] 2 yuri lezzy KanC*lle short stories.
PDF Included
Yuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Jun/10/2017
Kiss to Sugar
Kaleido Circus
$2.87 / 324JPY
Heartwarming, slice of life with a focus on Kawauchi
PDF IncludedComike88
MoeGirlSistersRomanceDrama/Daily LivingYuri/Girls LoveRomanceRomance
  • Release: Mar/17/2016
wonder LOLI pop
Kaleido Circus
$3.83 / 432JPY
Heartwarming antics of loli-sized imouto Jintsuu and Naka.
PDF Included
MoeHealingFemale Heroine OnlyGirlLoliSisters
  • Release: Mar/01/2016
Naka-Chan Class LightCruiser
Kaleido Circus
$2.87 / 324JPY
Kawauchi-chan wears Naka-chan's clothes, for reasons. A recipe for confusion!
PDF Included
MoeHealingNo MaleClothes ChangingGirlSisters
  • Release: Feb/14/2016