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Cosplay x Escape Game - Trapped in a Mystery House with a Secretly S Friend
Circle itomagoi
$9.56 / 1,080 JPY  >> $4.78 / 540 JPY | 50pt (Point 10%)
Classic "locked room" situation and goals. Let's solve the puzzles and get all the H events!
X-ratedDoujin GameAdventureExecutable Filewith Voicewith Musicwith Trial Version
Dream Buster Alice ver2.03
Circle itomagoi
$4.78 / 540 JPY  >> $2.39 / 270 JPY | 25pt (Point 10%)
itomagoi's retro action arcade-style pixel game is a top-down, 10-stage puzzle & r*pefest!
X-ratedDoujin GameActionExecutable Filewith Musicwith Trial Versionreview

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