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ExclusiveFeathered Songs Vol.01+ -Sounds of STELLAVANITY-
Feathered Ether
$5.74 / 648 JPY | 60pt (Point 10%)
The OST for STELLAVANITY, the indie vertical scrolling shooter from Feathered Ether. 14 tracks + bonus / MP3
Doujin SoftwareMusicMP3 Filewith Musicwith Trial Version
ExclusiveSTELLAVANITY - Prelude to the Destined Calamity -
Feathered Ether
$6.70 / 756 JPY | 70pt (Point 10%)
Evolve your ship through 7 stages of intense action! Choose from 6 levels of difficulty and classic C-Gear or advanced S-Gear weaponry. Gain EXP or go classic arcade...
Doujin GameShooterExecutable Filewith Musicwith Trial Versionreview

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