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Amami o Sukue!
Key Gift
$3.79 / 432JPY
Everyone teaches Amami a few things... An erotic parody of Haruk*naru Toki no N*ka de 5.
GirlsPDF Included
  • Release: Apr/27/2012
Yume no Yasuhira
Key Gift
$1.89 / 216JPY
A manga inspired by and starring Yasuhira from Haruk*naru Toki no N*ka de 1-3.
GirlsPDF Included
  • Release: Apr/24/2012
Fight The Poop! Tomomasa
Key Gift
$2.84 / 324JPY
Hilarious comedy centered on Tomomasa from Har*kanaru T*ki no Naka de.
  • Release: Oct/18/2011
Tales from Faraway!
Key Gift
$9.49 / 1,080JPY
Four volumes of Haruka (1, 2, 3, 4) starring all characters. 134 pages.
  • Release: Oct/13/2011