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KanC*lle Short Stories 3
Kyubi Shuppan
$3.83 / 432JPY
This is the third release of short comics.
Sailor-style UniformComedyDrama/Daily Living
  • Release: Nov/09/2018
Heretics Cross the Horizon IX
Kyubi Shuppan
$3.83 / 432JPY
A battle rages for dibs on the last special pastry at Blue Thunder bakery.
  • Release: Apr/28/2014
Heretics Cross the Horizon VIII
Kyubi Shuppan
$3.83 / 432JPY
Suzu may be popular, but when the Plum class heretics get on her nerves she goes nuts. Watch out everyone! That is all.
  • Release: Apr/27/2014
Heretics Cross the Horizon VII
Kyubi Shuppan
$3.83 / 432JPY
Today's Horizon parody serves up a slice of life in Hexagone Francaise. No witches, no maidens, no queen and no enemies, relax!
  • Release: Apr/25/2014
Heretics Cross the Horizon II
Kyubi Shuppan
$3.83 / 432JPY
Themed on Horizon on the M*ddle of Nowh*re, starring Hassan the curry artisan.
  • Release: Sep/27/2011
Record of Touhou Lady 4
Kyubi Shuppan
$2.87 / 324JPY
Touhou illustrations of girls from Suimusou, Hisouten, Bunkachou, Kaeizuka... basically a whole lot of places!
  • Release: Feb/03/2011
Water from the Deepest Ocean
Kyubi Shuppan
$3.83 / 432JPY
Satori has the idea to use deep sea water for a hot spring.
  • Release: Jan/26/2011
Campaign of Yukari (omnibus vol.2)
Kyubi Shuppan
$6.70 / 756JPY
Touhou's Yakumo sisters make a powerful combination - 2nd in the series.
  • Release: Jan/09/2011