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$6.81 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
This is a simulation game which includes elements such as training, politic and war.
Doujin GameSimulationExecutable Filewith Music3D artworkwith Trial Version
  • Release: Feb/20/2009
  • DL: 0
Demon Riot
$6.81 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
In the ongoing battle for dominion over the world and its souls, the player is the lord of the world of gods.
Doujin GameSimulationExecutable Filewith Trial Version
  • Release: Aug/27/2008
  • DL: 0
The Infinite Loop of Combat
$8.75 / 972 JPY | 90pt (10% back)
The Infinite Loop of Combat is a strategy simulation game in which you aim to unify the continent through subjugating your enemies by giving orders to your subordinates (military officers, diplomats, internal administrators, spies, and more, as the king of your lands.
Doujin GameSimulationExecutable File3D artworkwith Trial Version
  • Release: Dec/31/2007
  • DL: 1

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