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The Commercial 36
The bud of a peach
$9.63 / 1,080 JPY | 100pt (10% back)
124 pages! Features many characters from animes such as Ha**hi, Futa**-hime, Ma**chu!.
  • Release: Jan/21/2007
  • DL: 0
The Commercial 32
The bud of a peach
$9.63 / 1,080 JPY | 100pt (10% back)
Anime-parody art of various kinds of anime, manga, and game. The first work in this series released in '89!!
  • Release: Mar/07/2006
  • DL: 1
Premaster heno Michi
The bud of a peach
$5.78 / 648 JPY | 60pt (10% back)
The official guide book of Mastahh of Preacher, the original trading card game produced by Momo no Tsubomi. 138 pages (74-page comic and guide for all cards).
  • Release: Sep/01/2005
  • DL: 0

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