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Legend of Battleship Girl
Seventh Heaven Maxion
$3.86 / 432 JPY | 40pt (10% back)
KanC*lle musical arrangements, fantasy RPG-style.
SoftwareMusicWAVInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Dec/21/2014
  • DL: 1
Maria-sama Reversal! -Etape de l'hiver
Seventh Heaven Maxion
$7.72 / 864 JPY | 80pt (10% back)
This sequel contains a Mar*a-sama ga miteru and Ph*enix Wright double parody, featuring a courtroom showdown that is being released here in digital format for the first time.
GameAdventureEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial
  • Release: Apr/07/2008
  • DL: 0
Sentimental Gensoukyou
Seventh Heaven Maxion
$4.82 / 540 JPY | 50pt (10% back)
This is something like an adventure game which parodies To** Project, but there is no adventurous element throughout the game.
  • Release: May/21/2007
  • DL: 1
Maria sama ga gyakuten
Seventh Heaven Maxion
$9.65 / 1,080 JPY | 100pt (10% back)
Feat. characters of Maria-sama ga *iteru and Pho*ix Wright, focusing on a trial.
GameAdventureEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial
  • Release: Sep/23/2006
  • DL: 0
Higashi no Ho de Warai wo Sakebu DDR (Lough loud out in the east DDR)
Seventh Heaven Maxion
$8.68 / 972 JPY | 90pt (10% back)
A great reasonable set of 4 doujinshis that we released in '05, amounting to over 90 pages.
  • Release: Mar/29/2006
  • DL: 1

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