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ExclusiveSword Girl Alice
$11.41 / 1,296 JPY | 120pt (10% back)
This 3D sword action game contains not just fighting but also a novel part and story elements. Raise an android girl and turn her into the ultimate weapon, "Alice Frame".
GameActionEXEInc. Music3DCGTrialComic Market 91
DL: 3
Blade Girl (Kakkokari)
$4.75 / 540 JPY | 50pt (10% back)
Simple operation for continuous combo! "30 total stages + extra", 3D Sword Action.
GameActionEXEInc. Music3DCGTrial
DL: 1
Raiders Sphere F (fourth)
$17.12 / 1,944 JPY | 180pt (10% back)
Pilot the super small jet fighter, Raiders, in 30 stages of dazzling dogfights, scout & spy missions and covert bombings!
GameShooterEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial
DL: 1
Raiders Sphere 3rd
$9.51 / 1,080 JPY | 100pt (10% back)
This final 3D shooter / flight sim in a series takes the battle from towering skyscrapers to the ocean depths to the vastness of outer space!
GameShooterEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial
DL: 3
Raiders Sphere Second
$14.27 / 1,620 JPY | 150pt (10% back)
This is an exciting dogfight 3D shooter / flight sim sequel. Strategic fighter jets must flush out the Raiders and liberate the city!
GameShooterEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial
DL: 2

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