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Hyakki Shachuu
Katsudou Manga Ya
$11.48 / 1,296JPY
Five men fight against youkai (ghouls) and go forward their way of the art. A Shousetsu Yuugai's romantic youkai story.
Inc. MusicTrial
Young ManSpecterRomanceRomanceRomance
  • Release: Nov/24/2017
A Dog Spirit Tamer and Boys
Katsudou Manga Ya
$14.36 / 1,620JPY
Led by an eccentric woman Kureha, boys face a real youkai (ghoul) in the modern period Inugami (dog spirit).
Inc. MusicTrialComike88
SpecterSchoolMarvel TalesMystery
  • Release: Nov/24/2017
Hiiragi Iwashi
Katsudou Manga Ya
$14.36 / 1,620JPY
A 14-year-old housemaid comes to me, a 35-year-old shut-in game creator.
Inc. MusicTrial
Emotional/TouchingHealingKimono/Japanese ClothesSuitDrama/Daily LivingCohabitation
  • Release: Nov/24/2017
Sweet Liquid
Katsudou Manga Ya
$9.57 / 1,080JPY
"Sugar dominates all over the world." A woman in Kimono starts talking about a bizarre topic.
Inc. MusicComike87
Onesan/Older Girl/Older SisterStudentHistory
  • Release: Nov/24/2017
English Ver.
Beneath the Cherry Trees
Katsudou Manga Ya
$0.95 / 108JPY
Our adaptation of the famous poem by Motojiro Kajii.
ChineseDLsite Official TranslationInc. Music
Kimono/Japanese Clothes
  • Release: Nov/13/2016
  • Purchased: 4x
Katsudou Manga Ya
$14.36 / 1,620JPY
Four very different girls come together to build a shrine in this novel game.
Inc. MusicComike88
UniformShrine MaidenKimono/Japanese ClothesDrama/Daily LivingHeartwarming
  • Release: Nov/11/2016