DLsite Affiliate Program

To become our affiliate partner, you need a member account.

What is the DLsite Affiliate Program?

Incentives and Rates

DLsite Affiliate Program pays on a per-sale basis.

Pay per sale
Sale place Button_DLsite.com
Rates 5 to 10 %
The rate changes according to the previous month's total sales.
For more details, please refer to "About Rates" in the following section.
Bonus Bonus points
Incentives You get paid based on the total sales price of products purchased via affiliate links.

About Rates

The incentive rate changes according to the previous month's total sales. The rate may increase up to 10% if you grow sales and upgrade your partner rank!

*All affiliate partners earn 5% for the first month.
*Previous month sales do not include taxes.

How to Receive Rewards

You can receive rewards either by points or with PayPal.
If you select points as your payment method, the reward increases by 20% as a bonus!

  • If you select "Points"
    Reward points earned each month will be added to your member account by the 20th of the next month.
  • If you select "PayPal"
    If you selected PayPal to receive your rewards and your reward of the month is less than 3,000 JPY, it will be carried over to the next month until its total reaches 3,000 JPY. If the date of payment falls on a holiday, the payment will be made on the next business day.

About Creating Links

In addition to product images, we offer useful materials to promote our service: you can make use of our official [ Banners ] in various sizes and designs, and a customizable [ Web Widget ].

Create links on each product details page

You can create affiliate links instantly on each product details page of the titles you want to recommend.

You will find the "Create Affiliate Links" option below the product image.
Log in as member and click on the link.

Create links to other pages

You can create affiliate links to the pages of your choice such as the main page, ranking and circle profile.
If you are a member, click on the [ Create a link ] link under "Affiliate Program" on the left menu in [ My Page ].

Web Widget

We offer a web widget that can be embedded into your blog or website. You can customize it as you like. It is also compatible with mobile devices.
Once embedded, it automatically update links to new releases and high ranking titles. No need to correct links on your end.
[ Start using Web Widget ]

A few examples of web widget use


  • Affiliate link tags can be customized within the bounds of common sense (such as style properties).
    Please do not alter the information in the "a href" portion of the link tag, as it may not function correctly.
  • We put restrictions on affiliate links using inline frames (iframe).
    If you wish to use inline frames for your affiliate links, please contact us with the URLs of the pages where these frames are displayed.
  • You may use an image other than the DLsite banner (but not for product images), however this may result in discrepancies due to changes or deletion of content.
  • You may not modify product images, which applies to main images, thumbnails, mini images and samples. (They may be scaled if you respect the original aspect ratio.)
  • The rewards become void for the purchase of items by affiliate partners themselves via their own affiliate links.

About creating an affiliate ID

The following cases will result in the rejection of your application:

  • Websites that infringe copyright law (including image boards)
  • Websites that are not public
  • Blogs with few or no postings, or the theme is unclear
  • Websites that are membership-based and require signing in to display the main content
  • Websites that do not match with contents of DLsite.com

Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before you register.

DLsite Affiliate Program: Terms and Conditions

Circle's Guide

User's Guide

Global Guide

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