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50%OFFGlory of the Grunewald #2 Knight's Return

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42 pages


Grunewald: the most powerful army of the Glacen Empire, led by Commander Grune.
Whitefire Knights: a division of the proud defending armies of Eregen, led by General Regurey.
These legendary units clash for the final time at the eastern fortress of Nonkia.
But the Grunewald return home to a plot of intrigue...


An all-ages original epic fantasy war series, volume two.
Beautifully illustrated and inked in grayscale digital format.
Volume one was mostly battle, but in this story words are the weapons,
as a conspiracy unfolds in the imperial court. In volume three,
certain turns will see our characters to a majestic assault.

40 pages

Work NumberRE092021
File / Size 52.67MB
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