How to Read Product Details

Each product details page contains all information related to the product such as: descriptions of the contents, system requirements and notices.

About crowns, downloads and ratings


Crowns are displayed when the title is ranked in the list of best selling works. The rank is calculated over different periods of time and sale places.

  • total ranking
  • annual ranking
  • monthly ranking (Updated every 24 hours)
  • weekly ranking (Updated every hour)

Number of downloads

The number of downloads is displayed to the top-right of the product image. (DL: xxx, where "xxx" is equal to the number of downloads to date)


The star represents the average ratings by members. A star is equivalent to a positive vote for the product.


Star icon

The more stars a product gets, the higher the ratings.

User reviews

The number of user reviews written by members are displayed if applicable. Clicking on the number of posts will guide you to User Reviews section on the bottom of the page.

About Platform Icons

About products for smartphones

The products for PC only are marked with PC icons. If an item is marked PC, you cannot view or download it on your smartphone. Please view it via your PC.

About items for Android

The Android icon is displayed on products limited to Android OS-based smartphones only. If an item is marked Android it is in Android app format that can be viewed only on Android OS-based smartphones. Please take note that you cannot view the item on other platforms such as PC, iPhone and Tablet PC.