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Scheduled in middle October(2 works)

Scheduled in Middle Oct. 2018
Hypnosis Reversal: Beautiful student president controls the ejaculation of the boys
A school where the girls are controlled by a hypnosis-inducing item. When the item is broken, this time it's the boys who have their ejaculations controlled.
PDF Included
BreastsDirty TalkLots of White Cream/JuicesUniformInternal CumshotHypnosis
Scheduled in Middle Oct. 2018
Hypnosis changed my life: I learned hypnosis and tried it out on all the women at my office
I was a virgin until I learned hypnosis. Now I'm tearing my way through all the women in the office...
PDF Included
BossUniformStockingsBukkakeOrgy SexHypnosis